About me

I have no particular motive in writing this blog… its just a collection of my thoughts, experiences, and observations. I guess its just an extension of me and my life so maybe that’s a good place to start.

My name is Lopo Champalimaud — I am Portuguese, grew-up in Cananda (Montreal to be precise) lived in New York for many years and am now based in London with my Belgian wife. Please don’t ask me to chose just one place to be from… I am a product of all those places and none of them. Choosing just one place would be impossible and so far from how I think about life. For me, life is about discovering, exploring, experiencing new things not about fitting into a box.

I stumbled into the internet industry in 1994 when I co-Founded the world’s first online market research firm, Cyber Dialogue (now called Fulcrum Analytics) and I have never left. After sometime working in senior roles for lastminute.com and Travelocity I left in 2008 to start a new business called Wahanda with my business partner, Salim Mitha.

Wahanda is a marketplace and community for the wellness industry and its the most exciting thing I have ever had the opportunity to be a part of. Spa and wellness is a $60 billion industry worldwide — larger than both the music and the film industry combined — and yet its largely under-represented online. Our goal is to revolutionise the way consumers find information, share advice & transact in this area. For the industry, we want to become THE online marketing partner for the industry.

It’s no small feat but we’ve got fabulous backers, great employees and whole lot of passion and determination.


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