Our big shout

photo1About two years ago we launched our appointment booking system and it has grown like wildfire since.  As I have described in earlier posts, Wahanda provides a free and powerful cloud based scheduling and management software to spas and salons which allows us to see their availability.  This in turn allows consumers to find and book their hair, mani/pedis, waxing, massage or facials online in just a few easy steps.  When we launched the service we had only a handful of businesses that were on the platform but today we have more than 5,000 business and we expect to double this in the next 5 months.  Businesses love the system because it lets them fill their diary exactly when they need.  Just as importantly, consumers love the convenience and the customer experience and our customer base grew largely through word of mouth (a net promoter score of +65 really does help).

A few months ago we felt it was time to start investing beyond our existing online marketing activities and we decided to launch a major new outdoor advertising campaign.  The campaign is initially focused in London and can be seen across the city on the tube, outdoor and on bus stops and will run for much of the summer.  Its hard to miss.

We have tried above-the-line campaigns before with mixed results so we went into this determined to make it work.  We were lucky to have met the very talented Flo Heiss who had recently left to start his own agency.  Flo is immensely talented and it was clear that he completely understood the brand and the proposition, and he clicked with us right away.  He suggested the tag line “Book Yourself Fabulous” and we loved it.  We wanted to capture that sense of confidence and happiness that someone feels when they feel good about themselves and this does it.

The harder thing was trying to find a way of communicating the brand and service, while cutting through the marketing clutter.  While the campaign is large by almost any measure, out marketing budgets can’t compete with the L’Oreal and Estee Lauder’s of the world.  We struggled with different types of photography for a long time until Flo suggested the use of this really talented illustrator, Malika Favre.  Her work was amazing — vibrant, modern, feminine, and original.  It captured our attention right away.  Of course, the hard thing about commissioning an illustration is that you never know what you are going to get in the end but the resulting three images from Malika were superb and communicated what we were looking for better than I could ever hope for.

Keep an eye out for the campaign when you are in London and let me know what you think.  In the meantime, Flo has also put together a great collection of images here.




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