Our lastminute.com partnership – building the largest health and beauty marketplace

A while back, Wahanda quietly launched our new white-label partnership with lastminute.com.  Its now been over a month since we launched the partnership and we can now start to understand what the impact has been on the health & beauty marketplace.

As many of you reading this will know, I used to work at lastminute.com so this is a discussion that has been in the works for a while but it took a while to come to fruition. The deal is pretty straight forward.  Essentially, we provide a whitelabel service of the spa category on lastminute.com  (http://spa.lastminute.com) which includes all the technology and the offers.  lastminute.com provides the marketing and consumers which never really know that the service is being provided by Wahanda.

The deal made a lot of sense for lastminute.com as their technology platform was not optimised for the spa category and they had a limited amount of resources that they could allocate to it.  In addition, our inventory of offers and availability was considerably larger than theirs as we had made a very sizeable investment to build a national sales team.   For us, we debated at length whether the partnership made sense as it does enable a competitor, however ultimately, we decided to go for it as our goal is to sell as much for our suppliers as possible and overnight, this would create the single largest health & beauty marketplace in Europe.

As I mentioned, its been a bit over a month since we launched and the feedback from suppliers has been tremendous. We have seem a real swell in inbound activity from suppliers who want to appear on Wahanda and we have doubled the value of transactions passing through our marketplace.  Best of all, our supplier are seeing the benefit with no additional work or hassle:

  • They use one easy to use extranet system
  • Any offers automatically appear on both sites
  • Only one point of contact and account manager to speak to
  • One contract and commission structure
  • Only one point of financial reconciliation

The partnership has real benefits for consumers as well.  Of course, lastminute.com customer get an entirely new shopping process, better search and reviews, but all consumers (including ours) get:

  • Bigger range of suppliers
  • More unbeatable deals and offers
  • Better inventory and availability

The team here has worked very hard to ensure that the partnership was a success but lastminute.com has also been a great partner for us and we look forward to many successful years ahead working together to grow the health & beauty market for everyone.


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